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1-Minute Chart for ES Emini Futures on Friday, June 22, 2018

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Wednesday, April 25, 2018

ES E-mini Futures 1-Minute Chart

Scalp Trading Strategies that generate profits…every day.


Experience a Simple Strategy bundle that you can learn in 5 minutes and literally changes the way you look at scalp trading the markets...forever!

number_19.jpg SAVE TIME and generate consistent Daily profits in less than 30 minutes from using the simple ES 5 Minute Complete Strategy
number_29.jpg Follow our Market Cycle Analysis How-To Guide and identify price action movements easier and faster so you can execute winning trades consistently.
Continue to learn and improve your trading profits with our Quick Hits...For Fast Profits Daily Updates that guides you daily on what is relevant in the market...today!

Every secret you need to generate consistent profit.

Enjoy step-by-step instructions for entering Setups, placing appropriate Stops and identifying the correct Risk & Money Management techniques.

These six (6) unique price action rules and conditions demonstrate how applying price action analysis to Stocks, ETFs, Options, FOREX pairs and Futures contracts can easily enhance your profit returns and minimize your downside risk in trading.

Advanced Mastering the Market Cycle eCourse and Strategy guide will show you all the SHORTCUTS you need for analyzing price action.

eCourse will show you details for how there are only 7 possible moves for price action to follow.

Discover how to use four (4) unique price action strategies to trade every market condition of trending & non-trending for more winning trades and instantly transform you into a really profitable trader!

Simple set of rules and conditions collaborating with the ES 5 Minute COMPLETE Strategy and the Advanced Mastering the Market Cycle strategies to significantly grow your trading profits.

Strategy guide will show you step-by-step how to identify WHEN & HOW to scale-in, scale-out and build positions in winning trades so that you can maximize more profits and maintain you risk and money management levels.

Let's Do The Math

Pays-for-itselfWe give you the exact rules that produces easily 10 to 20 winning trades every month!

One winning trade for the ES Emini Futures by trading 1 contract is $100 (minus commissions).

At the present rate, you will pay $33 for the Strategies with Risk & Money Management rules to guide you step-by-step.

So after 1 winning trade...you are instantly making money...the rest of the month and FOREVER afterwards!

We understand that you want a virtual trading partner that shares with you their trading approach and that more importantly, you can trust.

We will help you as an aspiring trader…succeed by giving you our exact Trading Plan, I personally use…every day!

Now, let us add some well known Wall Street secrets…

every financial instrument follows the Market Cycle Framework and…

we show you LIVE each move and all the Flags, chart patterns and formations!

Price Action Principle #1:

There are only 7 unique Price Action Movements.7-Market-Cycle-Components


Market Cycle Principle #1

Every financial market (Stocks, FOREX, Futures, etc.) follows and repeats the Market Cycle.



By learning the Market Cycle Analysis and each of the four (4) phases, we can point all our attention to the Phase 2 Uptrends and Phase 4 Downtrends.

Using our Market Cycle Strategies, you get step-by-step rules and instructions for how to identify Phase 2’s and Phase 4’s exactly…every time!

…You will be given instructions on how to download a Copy of My 4-Page Trading Plan

and the really cool featuresit’s simple and easy to use and you can start making profits immediately.

My Scalp Trading Plan Step-by-Step Training Video

4+ Pages

  • When trading "My Scalp Trading Plan" there's no second-guessing ever. As you will see, the entry rules are not based on indicators - and it's black and white. Either the "ES 5 Minute Complete" occurs using my clear guidelines or it doesn't.
  • When trading "My Scalp Trading Plan" you'll know when to exit before you enter the trade. So you know exactly how much you risk on any given trade, which is essential for precision position sizing and money management. Once your entry order is filled, you can put the trade on auto-pilot. This reduces trade management to a minimum. No babysitting. No over-managing your trades. Set it, and forget it.
  • Trends are subjective. While some are waiting for a "daily" trend, you could be aggressively profiting from 15 minutes, 30 minute or 60-minute trends. The "ES 5 Minute Complete Strategy" can occur on any instrument and any time frame because it is based on sound market structure.
  • Basic charting software with "basic" charting capabilities is all you need. If your charting software can plot some moving averages and draw some support lines, you are good to go!
    • Easy To Learn - Easy To Understand - Easy To Do
      You can learn The ES 5 Minute Complete Strategy in less than 60 minutes and trade it right away. This makes it the perfect trading strategy for beginners!
    • Eliminates Fear and Uncertainty
      The ES 5 Minute Complete Strategy does not use any market-based trading indicators. This eliminates guesswork. And ends one of the biggest problems traders' face, which is trading on news or emotion, instead of facts and probability.
    • Guaranteed To Work

    Only $100 per month

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