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How to Trade Head and Shoulders Tops and Bottoms

What are head and shoulders patterns? Head and shoulders tops and bottoms are reversal chart patterns, which can develop at the end of bullish or...

How to Trade Rising and Falling Wedges

What are rising and falling wedges? Rising and falling wedges are a technical chart pattern used to predict trend continuations and trend reversals. In many...

Jim Carrey – Energy of Life | Spiritual Message

The Rat Race – thought provoking video

Alan Watts – Acceptance of Death and Meaning of Life

Engineered for Purpose – Motivational Video

CHAPPiE – Who am I in this body?

Why not You? – Inspiring message
coming towards me

What’s That Coming Towards Me?

If you're really serious about trading and "learning to trade" for a living you will read this blog post completely and then read it again. At...
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