LeroyLeroy Rushing has Master’s degrees in both Business Administration (Finance) and Science (Statistics) and has been trading for nearly 15 years. His many years of trading professionally, combined with his experience in the corporate world assessing risk & managing teams of 50+ individuals at once, form a uniquely knowledgeable individual who can offer strengths in the technical, business, and mentoring aspects of trading. This highly desirable, albeit rare, skill set results in extremely satisfied clients.

After much trial and error, testing, time, and effort, Leroy became very good at analyzing trades and successfully evaluating the direction a stock might take by using financial data, market indicators, and adding other variables like market trends, volume, support and resistance, and other related data. Once he established a strong trading foundation and mastered the technical aspects of trading, he quickly realized that there was much more to learn. How to control and manage behaviors caused by emotional responses to certain trading events remains a mainstay in Leroy’s trading curriculum.

The operative word is curriculum. Leroy emphasizes and focuses on trading education. He incorporates leading-edge approaches to learning how to trade by providing clients not only with unlimited coaching, but with the knowledge, tools, and support necessary to trade and to make it through “Trading Survival Mode” (developing trading survival tactics and strategies to make it through the trading learning curve – before you lose your trading capital!). This is especially important since burn out among professional stock traders is one of the highest of any profession.

Leroy has spent much time and effort in creating and developing a myriad of trading material and information based on his own studies, successes, and experiences – both good and bad. His ability to transfer this knowledge to clients is unparalleled. All you have to do is ask any of his clients! As a professional trader and your Personal Trading Coach and through a series of online sessions, he can demonstrate how to analyze stocks, show you the rewards of taking control of your own trading future, and make you a better trader no matter what your current level.

Leroy’s standards are high. He expects no less out of his clients than he is willing to deliver for you. Most importantly, he provides you with the support and mentorship you need to keep your mental focus and establish a comfort level with trading. As with any coaching, the key is to help you help yourself and bring out your best.

Leroy has programs specifically geared to your level of trading experience. Whether you are starting at the beginning or you are already trading professionally, he can pass along useful tools and techniques that will help you get the most from your trading and improve your profitability. Leroy delights on seeing the progress and successes of his clients – a true sign of a great teacher and mentor.