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Discover The BEST Setups, Stops & Targets To Use With The Most Popular Chart Patterns

With Constant Changes In The Economy, Technology and Markets…

It’s Time To Show You…Some “Sneaky” Improvements!



We’re Going Further and Deeper into how

Advanced Candlestick Setups and Advanced Chart Analysis really work…



Advanced Chart Analysis 2.0

~ Four-Day Event ~

Understanding the following will show you why Advanced Chart Analysis 2.0 is the real deal…

why it’s a golden opportunity for the smart ones…

Here’s What You Will Learn Instantly By Attending These Four-90 Minute LIVE Training Sessions


1.) Candlestick Patterns With Chart Formations That Give YOU Some Of The Most Powerful Trading Tools & Tactics For Finding Setups

Every trader should be competent enough to identify and trade both reversal and continuation patterns.

The reason is that YOU, the trader may not come across good reversal patterns to always always.


Peek inside all of the real-time buy and sell signals from all of the Candlestick strategies, including the

exclusive New & Improved Friday/Monday Strategy, New Pre-Market Strategy, New Opening Bell

Strategy and many more.


2.) Fibonacci Retracement & Analysis Tool & Tactics For Finding The Most Frequent Price Action Move In Uptrends & Downtrends


After a prolonged uptrend or downtrend over time, the price of an instrument or asset may halt temporarily and form congestion zones because of the equilibrium attained between impatient buyers and sellers.

The range bound price movement within the congestion zones may create unique chart patterns & formation, which indicate the possibility of continuation of the previous trend once the price breaks out of the upper and lower boundaries of the pattern.

A Flag is one such continuation pattern, which can develop after a steep rise or decline in the price of an asset. 


In this powerful new segment, Leroy walks you through a host of charts and real-world exercises,

sharing with you valuable tools to help you formulate and execute advanced Candlestick strategies using

unique candlesticks patterns by combining them with Fibonacci relationships.


3.) Flag Patterns That Produce The Best Consistent Profits In Strong Trending Market Conditions


This trading course shows you how to trade two of the most frequently seen Flag patterns, walking you

step-by-step through identifying the pattern and establishing & executing the entry, stop, target and exit



4.) Price Action Channels Offering Advanced Trade Setups and Price Action Directions



Being a frequently seen chart pattern with high reliability, a good trader should not miss the opportunity to capitalize on the impending price movement.


Leroy teaches you how to turn the most aggravating trading market “nightmare” conditions into a

exciting trading opportunity by explaining common, simple misconceptions about choppy, sideways

markets as well as how to establish and execute “high odds” entry, stop, target and exit levels when this



Advanced Chart Analysis 2.0 Tool & Tactics

can be use for…


LIVE Streaming Webinar with Digital Video and Audio

This Done-For-You illustration of how to easily know where you are in the RIGHT direction, the RIGHT trade and are you managing the trade the RIGHT WAY?

Each of these unique Market Cycle Trading Lessons explains how the concept works, warns you about potential missteps, and shows the entire trading process–from the first step to profit taking!

Questions and Answers Session (Immediately Afterwards)

Stay after the LIVE Webinar to see and hear answer to some of the most compelling questions that traders have for the Market Cycle Approach with the New and Improved secrets.

Enjoy summarized details that will help you retain the concepts faster. Hear some of my most compelling issues early on with improvements for Mini Market Cycles.

Instant Access to RECORDED LIVE Webinar Series

Shortly after each part in the LIVE Webinar Series and after each Q and A sessions is completed, you will be able to log into your online TED account and watch, review and take more notes on one of the best webinars of the year.

Use these recorded sessions to breathe new life into your trading goals and profits. From finding better trades to staying in winning trades longer using Mini Market Cycle analysis.

Four Days Of Quick-Hit Trading Profits Inside…

Advanced Chart Analysis 2.0 Tools & Tactics



Good Chart Analysis Trader Traits

  1. Low Emotional Reactivity – Staying calm; experiencing neither major highs nor lows.
  2. Detached – Understanding the market does what it does that they have no control over it.
  3. Humble – With little ego they have no challenge taking losses or letting profits run.
  4. Decisive – They reach decisions quickly and take action without second guessing.
  5. Conscientious – Self-controlled, disciplined, consistent, and plan-driven, they persevere.
  6. Confident – They have faith in their system and their ability to implement it. 


Plus You’ll Also Get These Amazing Bonus Tools & Tactics

Introducting...Price Action Angles

Every Market Cycle will present some form of Flag patterns in the Phase 2's and Phase 4's. Whether it's traditional Flag patterns, consolidation or range-bound price action, each Price Action move demonstrates an angle of strength in Buyers vs. Sellers. Discover how to use these simple angle measurements to help with analyzing future Price Action moves!

First Time Ever - Blended Candlestick Bars

Find the secrets to combining two or more Candlestick Bars and projecting the next candlestick bar.

Taking The Market Cycle To The Next Level

See the new and improved components that have NEVER-EVER-BEEN shared before. See how to architect using Blending Candlestick with the Market Cycle for a winning trading approach that can practically be put on autopilot. Discover how to execute "All-in-at-once" big positions based on where you are in the Market Cycle. See how "Price Jacking" puts you in the hole with certain trades. Watch how these "Fake-Outs" make you wish you didn't take that trade. Move past the finer points of basic trading signals and set-ups.



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