If you’ve been exposed to the Trading EveryDay ES LIVE Trading Room and strategies, you are ready to deep dive into scalp trading “ALL DAY”. You understand that most of the trading opportunities are in the Pre-Market session, Morning Sessions, and Last Hour Sessions.

But there sometimes are additional trading opportunities when price action is clearly following our market cycle analysis and either in a Phase 2 uptrend or Phase 4 downtrend.

If you are ready for “ALL Day” Scalp Trading….then this is what you have been looking for!

  • Discover the best-of-the-best Candlestick setups, stops and targets to trade.
  • Learn all the "Sneaky" variations of price action that causes most traders to constantly get "stopped out".

As your virtual trading partner, you will have me by your side with exclusive LIVE Audio & Real-Time Charts available to help guide and navigate your every trade!

Enjoy scalp trading and making really good profits...

without all the technical indicators and consistently preserve & protect your trading capital.

It only takes 1 or 2 days to easily make $500 - $1,000+ profit scalp trading with just 1 contract!

Are you ready to see it LIVE...for yourself?

Typically, when we review and scalp trade the markets "ALL Day", we will easily see 10-20 ULTA-Aggressive trades & setups and...

 YES! most of them should be break even or winners...

which means if you micro-manage them correctly, you can easily make $100 - $1,000+ profit with just 1 contract!

We will also see several "quality" setups from our 5 & 15-minute charts that will add complimentary profit to our daily totals.

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

ES Emini 1-Minute Chart

However, there will be days where the markets are not as favorable and cooperative...

so our goal on these days will be explicitly simple - keep the losses small.

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

ES E-mini Futures 1-Minute Chart

Thursday, August 17, 2017

ES E-mini Futures 5-Minute Chart

See & hear more step-by-step details for each trade...

More detailed strategies, rules and conditions for...


Detailed price points for using unique order types for FAST entries & exits...

We are exclusively offering you the unique opportunity to trade LIVE "ALL DAY" with the moderator - Leroy Rushing, by your side where you can talk, engage and ask questions during the entire trading session.

We will review the day's LIVE price action and search for the best potential trades/setups during "normal trading hours."

Now let me be blunt - either I will help you PROTECT your trading capital (i.e, don't take crappy trades) or show you great setups!

We might be trading on a "consolidation or range-bound" price action day....and I will highly recommend to you to...sit-on-your-hands until the markets are more favorable.

You still have to do the work and take the trades!

The uniqueness of this service is that you can start in the regular ES LIVE Trading Room...

take a quick 30 Minute BREAK...

and then you get to switch to the "extended" session.

This allows you complete access to engage, speak, ask questions while we are trading for profits and interact with me LIVE during the LIVE Trading Session.

Each session, we review the Pre-market Analysis, Morning Session and Mid-Day Trading sessions and any exciting trades that can create better learning experiences.

We will take at least one (1) break: 10-11 AM PST and others if needed or based on if market conditions are NOT very good.

8:00 am PST to 1:15 am PST (approx. 5+ Hours)*

*Registered attendees can schedule when they would like to attend via our online calendar.

Registered attendees in the "All Day" access program for the ES LIVE Trading Room, can also register to attend the First Hour -Morning Session.

Because I block my calendar for the "entire" trading session, the fees below will reflect this...and only other serious aspiring scalp traders (i.e., like yourself) will be allowed to attend these sessions. Because we want you to get the best experience and value with minimal distractions, we will only allow a maximum of 5-10 attendees in any given session.

Exclusive, Small Group LIVE Scalp Trading Sessions with Audio

After you complete your registration (i., select Days on our online calendar) and purchase, you will automatically get instructions for the "EXTENDED"
ES LIVE Trading Room Sessions.

Each Calendar Day you selected above - you will get email instructions giving you FREE Access to the corresponding (i.e., same day) First Hour Morning Sessions.

If this is your first scheduled "ALL DAY" Session, we highly recommend starting with just the "1 Day Pass" first, to ensure this is a good fit for your trading style and you really want to Scalp Trade! Once you have completed your "first session", you can register for additional sessions anytime.



you get complete access to engage, speak, ask questions...

while we are trading for profits and interact with me LIVE during the LIVE Trading Session.

Take our 1-Day ALL DAY Challenge...

If you trade LIVE with us and 

** follow our LIVE commentary 

** Use the ES 5 Minute COMPLETE Strategy, with...

** the Market Cycle Strategies and the Profit Accelerator Strategies

...see how easy it is to make $100+ profit. 

Duration: 7+ Hours (6:15 am PST – 1:15 pm PST)

Due to the tremendous time commitment we provide attendees to be able to follow us precisely, our refund and cancellation policies will be applied.

Registering for the LIVE Trading Room is simple for attendees and only takes a few steps.

  • Each attendee selects the LIVE Trading Room Event,
  • Enter their billing and registration information, then
  • Complete their purchase.

You will receive an order confirmation email when orders are completed.