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ES 5 Minute BASIC Strategy Price Action Strategies Profit Accelerator Strategies
The Market Cycle – How & Why Every Market Keeps Repeating 30 Minute Scalp Trader Trading Before & After News Strategies
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Mastering The Market Cycle

The Ideal time to Buy...The Ideal Time to Sell...How to trade index futures (Stocks and e-Mini S&P) with low risk strategies.
Refining the Buying Process to correlate with Up Trending Conditions...Refining the SHORTING Process to correlate with Down Trending Conditions
Looking under the microscope of the Market Cycle...Key reversals & reversal times during the Market Cycle and how to trade them.
Chart Patterns, Chart Formations in Up Trends and in Down Trends...How to spot and trade high profit chart patterns inside the Market Cycle Phases
Patterns in the first hour that will specifically show you whether or not the markets will trend for the entire day or not!...Best way to trade Consolidation and Range-Bound Price action
How to set Support and Resistance targets for the day...How to correctly use Fibonacci Retracements and confluence from other time frames...Unfavorable Market Conditions...How to find high probability Counter Trend trade setups using only a few technical analysis tools

Preview inside the Members Area and see all the online courses, courses materials, Videos, PDF's and examples...available inside for one low price.

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Thursday April 19 2018

This commentary will focus on the first 60-90 minutes after the Opening Bell. However, our strategies can and will provide setups the entire trading...

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