Every aspiring trader starts with a goal of making $100,000+ or more profits!

If we look at this a little more closely, you can see that you are trying to average $2,000+ per week for 50 weeks.

Imagine every day in the 1st Hour…

making 2 – 4 points profit per contract

(i.e., 2 points = $100)


Never Be On The WRONG Side Of The Markets…Again!

Discover WHY most Technical Indicators DO NOT consistently work and make profits!

Start using our NO Technical Indicator Scalp Trading Strategies and framework.

In order to consistently make $2,000+ profit every week, you need to know…

1) How to immediately find the DIRECTION of the CURRENT MARKET every morning in pre-market.

Identify the exact price action phase the Daily Chart and 1-minute, 5-minute, 15-minute and Daily charts are in.

  • four (4) unique price action strategies to trade every market
  • identify market conditions that are trending & non-trending for more winning trades and
  • discover how to stay in winning trades longer and
  • instantly transform you into a really profitable trader!

Use the Market Cycle Strategies User Guide to find this

2) After determining the DIRECTION, you need to identify the SUPPORT & RESISTANCE AREAS that can cause the markets to stall.

Use prior swing pivot analysis to locate most recent pivots on multiple time frames such as 1-minute, 5-minute, and 15-minute charts.

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

ES E-mini Futures 1-Minute Chart

3) You need to review your TRADING PLAN for TRADE SIGNALS that you expect to happen

We understand that you want a virtual trading partner that shares with you their trading approach and that more importantly, you can trust.

We will help you as an aspiring trader...succeed by giving you our exact Trading Plan, I personally use...every day!

Use the ES 5 MINUTE COMPLETE STRATEGY to get all the immediate trade signals after Opening Bell.

This strategy contains a complete set of 6+ strategies that show you how to scalp trade when price action is inside the prior day’s range and outside the prior day’s range.

4) You only need to target $400 profit each day, to determine how many trades you need to make $400

If you trade the ES Emini, it’s easy to consistently make a minimum 2+ points profit, per contract.

Using our mini Market Cycle Analysis and Strategies, you will easily make your daily target and more!

Simple and Fast!
Best of all…You Get Results!


Once you understand the Market Cycle Framework, and how to easily find trade signals, then the only thing left for you to accomplish is making more profits!

We then show you how to increase your # of contracts…and still go for small incremental targets of 2 points.

We recommend using the Profit Accelerator Strategies to help with increasing your position size.

So increase your position size to at least 2 contracts, and target 4 points and STOP TRADING.

Preserve your profits and focus on what you did right to hit your daily target…so you can repeat it tomorrow!

Once you get consistent at this, then you can increase your goal…

and focus on more profits.


Discover How to put all the pieces together…



Ultra-Aggressive Scalp Trading Training New & Improved Mini-Market Cycle Analysis Training


Underneath every major trend is a series of minor trends, and when the major and minor trends are not congruent, you will see bad trade signals and setups! Here lie the answer…mini Market Cycles!


Learn how to combine mini-Market Cycle Analysis with Bracket Orders and watch your profits…explode!

Discover how to use Brack Orders (Order-Send-Order & Order-Cancel-Order) to enter volatile moves…

  • Clear Entry Rules
    When trading "The Mini Market Cycle Strategy" there's no second-guessing ever. As you will see, the entry rules are not based on indicators - and it's black and white. Either the "Mini Market Cycle" occurs using my clear guidelines or it doesn't.
  • Clear Exit Rules
    When trading "The Mini Market Cycle Strategy" you'll know when to exit before you enter the trade. So you know exactly how much you risk on any given trade, which is essential for precision position sizing and money management. Once your entry order is filled, you can put the trade on auto-pilot. This reduces trade management to a minimum. No babysitting. No over-managing your trades. Set it, and forget it.
  • Take Advantage of small intraday trends
    Trends are subjective. While some are waiting for a "daily" trend, you could be aggressively profiting from 15 minutes, 30 minute or 60-minute trends. The "Mini Market Cycle Strategy" can occur on any instrument and any time frame because it is based on sound market structure.
  • No fancy trading software needed
    Basic charting software with "basic" charting capabilities is all you need. If your charting software can plot some moving averages and draw some support lines, you are good to go!
  • Easy To Learn - Easy To Understand - Easy To Do
    You can learn The Mini Market Cycle Strategy in less than 60 minutes and trade it right away. This makes it the perfect trading strategy for beginners!
  • Eliminates Fear and Uncertainty
    The Mini Market Cycle Strategy does not use any market-based trading indicators. This eliminates guesswork. And ends one of the biggest problems traders' face, which is trading on news or emotion, instead of facts and probability.
  • Guaranteed To Work

Learn how to use simple price action strategies to create a recurring revenue stream.

Week Topics 
  • Scalp Trading Strategies,
  • Candlestick Analysis,
  • Price Action,
  • Trend-lines
  • Transitions,
  • Momentum Breakouts,
  • Bracket Orders
  • (Order-Send-Order and Order-Cancel-Order)


  • Mastering the Market Cycle for trends,
  • Using Multiple Time Frames and
  • Staying in winning trades longer
  • Avoiding Consolidation periods,
  • How-To Stop Overtrading
  • Eliminating Excessive Stopping Out of Trades


  • Using Ultra-Aggressive techniques in Pre-Market
  • Immediate Direction Finder for Ultra-Aggressive Trade Signals after the Opening Bell for the 1st-Hour


  • How to use Mini-Market Cycle Analysis & Strategies for BIG Profits
  • Reveal Mini-Market Cycle Scalp Trading Signals and FAIL Patterns


Four 60-Minute Training Sessions 

ONE YEAR Unlimited MasterClass Coaching Sessions

ONE YEAR Unlimited Access to ES LIVE Trading Room

Download FREE Copy of My Scalp Trading Plan


Yes! Leroy…

I would like you to TEACH me in four (4) LIVE Sessions, the step-by-step details for how to make a minimum $2,000+ profit every week

SHORTCUTS & SECRETS for Ultra-Aggressive Scalp Trading for mini Market Cycles
Discover moving trend-lines for support & resistance
How-To quickly identify mini Market Cycle phases and transitions
Trade signals for LONG / SELL SHORT entries, with stop & risk management tools and tactics
Avoiding bad Candlestick patterns and much more…
How to Scale-in positions using Mini Market Cycle Analysis…
How to Scale-out positions using Mini Market Cycle Analysis…


If you are not completely satisfied with your LIVE Training, you can cancel your sessions anytime and get a refund for any unused sessions.


Refunds are strictly based only on four (4) training sessions attendance and prorated. See cancellation policy and reschedule policies at checkout.