AAEAAQAAAAAAAANXAAAAJGY3NmNlMTE2LTJkNzktNDRkZi1hNjk3LTY2YmM4ZjNmZDkyNAWhen you know the rules…trading is very exciting and rewarding!

You get the freedom of generating extra income or profits to do the extra things in life that matter most to you!

Those aspiring traders who SERIOUSLY want to take a different road to successI am going to show you how simple it can be!

Style-5So here is what happen…Wed., Aug. 24th, 2016 (Today).

  1. I followed exactly the 4 steps I outlined in the 30 Minute Scalp Trader.
  2. I followed the exact rules from the ES 5 Minute Complete Strategy
  3. Generated 2+ points ($100) per contract in less than 1 hour of trading


Updates added here…

If you continued to trade during the day….you would have started to see the classic Market Cycle Phase 4 price action with lower highs and lower lows.

Inside the 30 Minute Scalp Trader, we teach you how to trade this price action…and make some really nice profits! Multiple flag patterns with easy setups!


Further down, you will see that I gave traders a hint that if price action breaks down and we see evidence…we can start to trade it more favorably.

Hint – Hint: Phase 4 with 50% Fibonacci Retracement into the “HotZone” with lower highs and lower lows should be enough evidence!


So let me take you behind the scenes so you get a better understanding…

Every trading day, I provide simple, easy and convenient notes for traders in the…

Header-Quick-hitsFutures section and in the Stocks section.


cartoonHere is exactly the notes I posted today….


Here is a snapshot of the charts I also provided….Chart #1….Chart #2.


Now, if you were in the 30 Minute Scalp Trader program…you would have also seen in my simple, convenient steps…the following:


Hence,…if you really want to SKIP all the online courses, seminars, trading rooms and just focus on trading and making profits….then the 30 Minute Scalp Trading program is your ANSWER.

Today…the 30 Minute Scalp Trader will be closing and NOT accepting new participants…indefinitely.


30-Minute-TraderUsdollar100frontWith periodic updates and more strategies too come insideyou will easily get a great return on your investment and more profits to come…in the upcoming markets.

With the 30 Minute Scalp Trader program….you can expect more of these!

shutterstock_222254932Now, if you are a Stock or Options trader, imagine if I showed you a very similar SIMPLE and CONVENIENT set of steps to take and make profits also!

It’s already inside the 30 Minute Scalp Trader program…and there are more simple strategies to come!

In my 20+ years of trading…most traders realize there is no “holy grail”.

There are 1,000’s of trading programs, strategies, books, seminars and other educational resources available to choose from…and that’s what makes it complicated!

When you combine all the technical analysis and indicators available…it’s OVERWHELMING to a novice trader and even some experienced traders.

2016-08-24_8-30-49 swing

So it’s easier to start with Swing Trading for some traders, and I have created a simple approach for that too.

Yes! It’s already inside…and I can even show you LIVE.

But focusing on simple is the secret and most traders can’t do this!

shutterstock_189839342-700x467However, if there is a way to create an unfair advantage in the markets….

using something that is proven to work

and you can be taught it in minutes

and you can learn it and use it the REST of your trading career

What are you waiting for?