For some ES Emini Futures scalp traders, it’s more important to have all the price action weight-of-evidence from the Pre-Market session, Morning Sessions, and Mid-Day Sessions.

Usually, volume and liquidity for the markets is low during the mid-day and eventually picks back up heading into the “last hour” of trading.

This allows an experienced trader to capture profits the last hour of the “Pit Trading Day”. 


For an exclusive small group of traders

we will review the day’s LIVE price action and search for the last few potential trades/setups heading into the “closing bell.”

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

ES E-mini Futures 1-Minute Chart

The uniqueness of this service is that you get complete access to engage, speak, ask questions while we are trading for profits and interact with me LIVE during the LIVE Trading Session.

Each session, we review the Pre-market Analysis, Morning Session and Mid-Day Trading sessions and any exciting trades that can create better learning experiences.

Attendee(s) can schedule Dates anytime in 2017.

Due to the tremendous value and FREE Strategy Downloads we provide attendees to be able to follow us precisely, our refund and cancellation policies apply.

Registering for the LIVE Trading Room is simple for attendees and only takes a few steps.

  • Each attendee selects the LIVE Trading Room Event,
  • Enter their billing and registration information, then
  • Complete their purchase.

You will receive an order confirmation email when orders are completed.