Duration: 7+ Hours (6:15 am PST – 1:15 pm PST)

*Cancellation and Refund Policy available during booking.

Yes! Trading EveryDay stands by their product and customer service by offering a money-back guarantee.

I'll put it simply:

  • You can cancel your ES LIVE Trading Room sessions anytime and get your money back.
  • If you wait until the day of a specific session and ask to cancel, it's no problem. Let's say you sign up for the ES LIVE Trading Room 20 Day Pass, and then after 2 attended sessions, you decided you want to cancel. Of course you can't get 100% of your money back - however, Trading EveryDay will give you a pro-rated refund. So, you'll get a refund for the unused remainder of your un-attended sessions. This is possible because we bill daily. So if you canceled after 2 attended sessions, you'd get a refund for 18 sessions you didn't attend.

What Does "Money-Back Guarantee" Mean to You?

When buying a product or service, having a money-back guarantee will make you feel more at ease because if something goes wrong or if you’re not satisfied with the product or service, you can always refund your payment. Most money-back guarantees have a time limit, like 15 days or a maximum of 30 days (or a month’s time).

Money-back guarantees are not a common feature for many trading room providers, and it’s offered to customers to gain credibility. It only shows how confident a company can be with what they’re selling. A money-back guarantee increases a company’s chance of grabbing the attention of many prospects, as this method lowers the risk of the customer’s investment, particularly since they’re not fully committed to the company until they’re fully satisfied.

Trading education companies have different terms when it comes to money-back guarantees, but they usually require prior notice from the customer. They also differ in how much you’ll be able to refund, as well as the period in which the guarantee will be effective.

Trading EveryDay's Money-Back Guarantee

With Trading EveryDay, you can cancel your ES LIVE Trading Room purchase and get your money back anytime you want. If it’s after your 1st attended session, you get a prorated refund instead of a full refund. Take note that an ideal trading education company should NOT hold on to you if you’re not satisfied or no longer interested in their services. So if you decide to discontinue your Trading EveryDay ES LIVE Trading Room purchase after attending at least 1 session or so, you can still get a refund.

Cancellation and money-back guarantee is a part of the agreement.

Trading EveryDay's Anytime Money-Back Guarantee: How it Works

Trading EveryDay value customer feedback – both positive and negative – so we can improve our services for the better. That’s why, compared to other trading education companies, we offer an Anytime Money Back Guarantee on all ES LIVE Trading Room plans.

This simply means you won’t have to invest in a lock-in period when you decide to subscribe with them.

Trading EveryDay’s Anytime Money Back Guarantee also allows you to cancel your trading room subscriptions without a deadline, in contrast with most traditional money-back guarantees offered by other companies wherein you only have a maximum of 30 days to refund your payment.

The Fine Print

With all that said, one question comes into mind: “So what’s the fine print?

Trading EveryDay's money-back guarantee sounds too good to be true!” 

What you need to remember here is that most money-back guarantees would only refund the amount which you’ve paid for the remaining ES LIVE Trading Room sessions that you originally subscribed for. This means that you won’t get your entire investment back even if you file for a refund.

Here are some important pointers regarding Trading EveryDay’s Anytime Money Back Guarantee:

  • The Anytime Money Back Guarantee has no time limit but it only gives you a partial refund (i.e. payment for the supposed un-attended sessions left on your subscription).
  • Trading EveryDay does, however, give full refunds for your ES LIVE Trading Room fees if you file for money-back before attending any sessions from your initial subscription.
  • There is a 25% fee once you’ve filed for money-back. This is to cover Trading EveryDay's costs.
  • Prior to asking for your money-back though, we strongly encourage you to talk to us directly via LIVE CHAT and ensure that you get the proper support first and see if your problem with Trading EveryDay can be resolved. Sometimes, it is better to give us your feedback as most technical or speed issues can be promptly given a solution to.

There are times when a problem can be resolved that may no longer require you to unsubscribe. With Trading EveryDay, you decide if you want to be redirected to our support team to see whether or not the reason you want to ask for a money-back can be resolved.

Again, Trading EveryDay doesn’t lock you up into a strict payment scheme that could last for months or years. Some trading room providers advertise a very low rate which can be quite tempting. But the thing is, the low monthly fees can only be applied to those who subscribe to them for a certain number of months.

The problem arises when you find out that their services are either sub-standard or unsatisfactory, but you’re unable to quit as easily as when you’re with Trading EveryDay because you’re stuck with another company’s payment scheme and your money is already on the line.