Market Cycle Analysis & Strategies 3.0


Continued Education Event

New and Improved rules and conditions…

that instantly improve your entries so – once you enter the candlestick pattern, flag pattern or breakout/break down

you are not immediately seeing more and more losses!

Discover when to change your Bracket Order settings & conditions during Pre-Market, Opening Bell, Mid-Day, After-Hours, and Overnight for Quick Hits and more profits.


Identify more scalp trades using more shortcuts, rules, and conditions…with better setups, stops, and targets.

Discover how to use multiple Bracket Orders and get better entries with the Market Cycle Strategies.

How to use the secret “Reverse Position” to turn a losing position into a “quick winner” with Market Cycle Analysis and much more.

Did you know that your Charting & Trading Platform might intentionally be setting you up to lose most of the time?

Learn How-To “Double Your Profits”
using Mini Market Cycle Analysis and Strategies…