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Mastering Flag Patterns

The most powerful chart formation and setup that every scalp trader should learn is Flag Patterns.

Once you incorporate all the variations and shortcuts for setups, entries, stops and targets related to Flag Patterns, you can easily add it to the Market Cycle Analysis and Strategies for making consistent profits.

Flag Patterns

Price Action Principle #1:

There are only 7 unique Price Action Movements.7-Market-Cycle-Components


Market Cycle Principle #1

Every financial market (Stocks, FOREX, Futures, etc.) follows and repeats the Market Cycle.



Learn everything you need to successfully scalp trade Flag Patterns perfectly…every time!


Live Chart Examples show you all the variations and how to trade them…


Once you know exactly how to trade Flag Patterns, all your other trading problems start to go away…

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Flag Pattern – Shortcuts & Secrets