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We make learning to Scalp Trade easy by providing you with all the tools and tactics you need…


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As your Virtual Accountability Partner…

you want an experienced scalp trader to constantly help you navigate the markets, avoid the millions of “pitfalls” and help you make constant progress!

Once you see proof that you can make consist profits, bill your confidence and get over your pride, you now can really focus on becoming the best scalp trader you can be!

Get instant Chart Analysis and reviews, answer questions, review your daily trades and execution and much more!


Attract Trading Success and Experience Financial Freedom

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Price Action

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Finally! A proven process to support you as a conscious smart, successful Scalp Trader…

Feature One:
Exclusive Live 30 Minute Scalp Trader Trading Sessions

Ultra-Aggressive Turn-Key Trading!

live-imageWe’ll conference online LIVE Trading every day
during market hours and trade “What We SEE” and NOT “What We THINK”!

Description: Unlike most trading rooms, this LIVE Audio and Desktop Sharing service is suitable for seriously active online Traders.

The LIVE Trading Room is available 6:15 AM PST to 1:15 PM PST Monday thru Friday with a primary focus on using price action, candlestick analysis and chart patterns only to make quick profits. 

Our goal is simple, focus on quick 2+ points profit per contract.

Entries, Stops and Targets are based on concepts from online courses.

Style-5Real-Time Laser-Focused Trade Execution Bar-By-Bar Analysis in LIVE Trades

~~ ALL Day – Extended Sessions & Last Hour ~~

Walk through LIVE Trades Step-by-Step Every Day as the setups are formed; hear the risk and money management changes and exits for real profits.
Focus on relevant and current market conditions today!
Participate in relevant, dynamic, open discussions that will take place with Leroy delivering content that will blow your mind and get you closer to worry-free trading.
Transform what you are shown into easy, step-by-step applications, literally taking you down the path of trading success.

Style-5Feature Two:
Live RoundTable Chart Review

roundtableMeet weekly and get fired up for the next week of trading!

Enjoy a roundtable discussion with Leroy on the previous week’s trades and activity.

At each successive training session, your progress will be measured based on both your and Leroy’s ability and desire to cut to the chase and identify successes and failures, open pathways, and remove constraints.

The previous week’s “charts” will be reviewed in detail to make sure that everyone is progressing and prepared for the next week of LIVE trading.

Feature Three:
Multiple Profit Streams
Swing Trading and Day Trading Tactics –

9ef6baf76c84b07b0f5ed0aa3ed173caBecause you can never review too many charts!

Using detailed chart analysis reviews, these trading tactics & techniques will complement all other program features and provide all the information you need for a successful trading career!

Some of this material may be information you’ve heard before, but perhaps not in the context that Leroy presents it. He is known for presenting the most comprehensive material in the most simplified form so that everyone can understand the sometimes tricky nuances of trading.

Besides, hearing any valuable trading information more than once only helps to solidify your knowledge and skills and build trading confidence.


Every Trading Day, You Will Have Access to Leroy and All That He Has to Offer in this Exclusive, Limited Opportunity!

Your Trading Profits Have No Where to Go But UP…But It’s Really Up to YOU!