Learn how to use simple Swing Trading Strategy to make $500 to $1,000+ profit…consistently every week.

Is this really possible?

Start with the SPY – S&P 500 Index. I personally always swing trade the SPY Daily Chart using both Shares and Options. It follows the Market Cycle Framework & Strategies all the time!

It’s easy to study and analyze and with consistent market momentum, you can make incremental profits to add to your weekly scalp trading profits. 

Want to see more LIVE examples of Stocks and ETF’s that are easy to Swing Trade for weekly profits?


Are you looking for a way to learn a trading technique that produces cash, every single week by trading Stocks, Options, and ETFs?

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The Secret To A Lifetime Of Extra Income

Every week, I look for Stocks and ETFs that have a 10% or greater move in a single day and use the Market Cycle Strategy User Guide to pinpoint exactly where they are!


Because with 25+ years of experience using the Market Cycle Framework…

k5649357I discovered a long time ago, that most Stocks or ETFs will eventually breakout of Phase 1’s or Phase 3’s.

You just have to be PATIENT!

Once a Stock or ETF breaks out, it will often initiate a big move in the new direction after the consolidation and congestion phases.

Style-5Every Sunday afternoon, I review the markets and prepare for the upcoming week. I usually review the stocks in the Nasdaq 100 and S&P500.

Over the years, I have learned to build an “inventory list” of Stocks and ETFs and what Market Cycle Phase each one is in!

One of the most important strategies a Swing Trader can use is to create additional sources of profits because the markets are not always favorable for trading and not always trending.

k5649357Using the Market Cycle Analysis and framework, create a list (inventory) of stocks, ETFs, FOREX pairs and even Futures contracts.

Start with a very manageable list of at most 5 Stocks, 5 ETFs and 5 FOREX pairs (total 15).


Easy to make profits once you know...what phase the Stock is in!

Examples include Tesla, BABA, AAPL...(i.e., all in Phase 2 - Uptrends)

Note: All the the following data is for illustration purposes only.


Style-5k5649357This step is extremely important and should be done with diligence and detail.

Conduct a macro and micro analysis of each security and identify which phase of the Market Cycle each one is in.

Group all the similar phase securities together. Conduct a macro and micro analysis of the Broad Markets.



Style-5k5649357Now, simply using the Market Cycle framework, start Swing Trading with the trending phases 2 and 4 to start generating recurring income...immediately.

Eventually all of your stocks, ETFs and FOREX pairs will cycle through the Phase 1's and move into the Phase 2's for you to start trading them LONG. Similar, all the securities on your list will move from a Phase 3 into a Phase 4 for you to start SHORTING them.

Once you get familiar with the steps...it will take you just a few minutes a week to find the right trades...and just keep following them through all the phases...1-2-3-4.

Style-5Sphere with the word strategy on white background.Use these sub-list of securities to start trading available Options for incremental income.

Buy Calls for the sub-list of securities in Phase 2. I strongly recommend buying in-the-money strike price contracts for faster profits!

Buy Puts for the sub-list of securities in Phase 4. I strongly recommend buying in-the-money strike price contracts for faster profits!

Primarily use a macro set of time frames (i.e., Weekly and Daily) to execute trades and manage them. Intra-day trading requires more tools and capital to consistently generate income.


As each security goes through each phase of the Market Cycle, follow accordingly with these steps:

Now as time go by and you begin to get familiar with the Market Cycle Analysis, buying securities in Phase 2's, shorting securities in Phase 4's, and patiently waiting in Phase 1's and Phase 3's for each security...you can repeat this PROCESS over and over for recurring income.

Notice that when security XXX is in a phase 1's or 3's, you simply move over to the other securities that are in phase 2's and 4's.

Secretly in the markets, this is a simple version of how "money flows sector to sector", and all you need.

Not that fancy, complicated stuff...smile!

Every Day we use the following Swing Trading Strategies...for Quick Profits!


I would like to… 

Review some LIVE Daily & Weekly Charts
Learn Scanning Criteria and Strategies for finding GREAT Stock Moves
Create a list of Stocks and ETF’s that consistently make weekly profits.