it’s 10X easier to focus on just one financial instrument that has volume, liquidity and better odds of predictability than most other markets!

Most aspiring traders don’t realize this…that the futures is a better trading opportunity for most traders than trying to trade equities and/or Forex.

Here are just a few basic reasons every aspiring trader should at a minimum trade the ES Emini Futures!

The primary objective of a trader is to get in and out of a trade with minimal loss and hopefully a profit!

Now this simple process creates a constant flow of anxiety for some traders because of the risk dynamic and level of accuracy for creating winning trades. So a traders focus can easily navigate towards commissions cost.

Most discount stock brokerage firms charge more per trade than futures brokerage firms.  

Unless you are a full-time trader or have access to the markets all the time…most traders want as much time as possible to day trade. 

The market availability for trading the ES futures is substantially better since you have virtually 24 Hours trading compared to less than 12 hours per day for the stock markets and the liquidity for stocks is not always good in pre and post market trading.

Often, the markets will show signs of weakness and present opportunities for aspiring traders to go Short!

Most aspiring traders have relatively small accounts and rely on leverage to maximize their profit potential, however this is a double edge sword since more leverage means more risk!

Unless an aspiring trader has a nice nest egg to daytrade…they have to constantly adhere to the No Pattern Day Trading Rule. Futures day trading accounts do not have any Day Trading Pattern rules associated with them.

There are no rules against going short in the ES Emini Futures. Lots of brokerage firms have special requirements and/or account status for going Short in stocks and unfortunately…not all stocks are available for traders to go Short in them.

For those who need to over analyze the advantages of trading the ES Emini futures…there are numerous other reasons that make it more compelling to trade over stocks and the Forex.

Discover the “one versus many rule” and starting using one scalp trading strategy that you can learn in minutes.

Learn about a simple ES 5 Minute Scalp Trading Strategy that consistently generates profits.

Other advantages of trading the Emini Futures include the efficiency of the futures markets, all ES trades are electronically traded and are a part of a Central Regulated Exchange, and there are no interest rate charges on margin used funds like stocks. 

Usually, in less than 30 minutes after the opening bell…

you can consistently make a minimum of $100 (i.e., 2 points),

scalp trading the ES Emini Futures.


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