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Monday, July 9, 2018

ES E-mini Futures 1-Minute Chart


Every day...

we show you the BUY ZONES and SELL ZONES so you are constantly on the "right side of the markets" and you know exactly what direction to trade for quick profits!

1-Minute Chart for ES Emini Futures on Friday, July 13, 2018

Does it get any easier...than this?

We use the Market Cycle Analysis and Strategies to find the BUY ZONES and the SELL ZONES for each mini market cycle.

  • four (4) unique price action strategies to trade every market
  • identify market conditions that are trending & non-trending for more winning trades and
  • discover how to stay in winning trades longer and
  • instantly transform you into a really profitable trader!
  • Easily identify setups, where to place stops correctly and targets to capture consistent profits.
  • Use simple rules and conditions to consistently be on the right side of momentum
  • Easily identify support and resistance areas.
  • Easily know when price action is slowly down and about to change directions.

and so all you have to do is...

Learn how to combine mini-Market Cycle Analysis with Bracket Orders and watch your profits...explode!

Discover how to use Bracket Orders (Order-Send-Order & Order-Cancel-Order) to enter volatile moves...

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