The Real Reasons Traders Say “NO” To Coaching and Getting Help

Most of the time traders make excuses for why they don’t have a Coach. It’s so easy to tell some one who you only know via the internet that…

  1. I can’t afford Coaching or I don’t have the money
  2. I don’t have time or This isn’t a good time
  3. I have to talk to my spouse/relationship partner first
  4. I need to think about it
  5. My inner voice is telling me NO

and the reality is you use these same excuses for EVERYTHING. These same excuses stop you from moving forward!

The main reason you use these excuses is….you don’t see the VALUE of working with a coach yet.

This is why I offer a gradual approach to help you as an aspiring trader.

It takes too much time to go thru “trial and error” to figure out what actually works in scalp trading.  Not to mention, how much money you loose along the way!

Learn to work SMARTER and NOT HARDER!

Smart traders….make smart choices!



Benefits of Coaching with Trading EveryDay

  1. Show you how to review the Pre-Market Price Action
  2.  Show you the ES trades to take,
  3.  How to determine the best POSITION SIZE for each trade,
  4.  Show you LIVE how to manage each ES trade, and 
  5.  Show you how to STAY in WINNING TRADES Longer and take your ES profits.
  6. Spend time with you on the Weekend preparing and getting you ready for the next week.