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Unleash the Hidden Power of Your Trading Plan

D eep in your trading plan, you may be missing an element that could be eliminating huge winners.  By merely tweaking a few...

Adding Stock Scanning Tips to Your Trading Plan

S tock scanning is a vital tool used by professional traders to find symbols that fit their criteria.  There are thousands of programs...

Types of Gaps and How to Trade Them

T rading gaps is extremely profitable, especially for traders with strategies for gapping up and strategies for gapping down.  Some traders only take...

4 Steps Necessary for Trading Preparation

T There are four very crucial steps for determining a trade and making the right decision.  Profitable traders are able to spot opportunity,...

Price is Determined by the Interaction of Buyers and Sellers

P rofitable traders use technical analysis to judge prices because they know that price is not dictated by market events, but rather...
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