As an aspiring trader, you have probably come across a period of time in your trading where you had to seriously reflect on “can I do this”?

The challenge the markets will always present to us is the following:

The markets will force you to act and move forward without having complete information for each trade.  

consistency_quoteThis constant behavior of making incomplete decisions secretly causes every trader to start to experience….inconsistency.

So what do we do next…we start trying to adapt to the markets and “trade what we see”.

So now we are getting some where….we want to eliminate the inconsistencies and adapt to the markets as much as we can!

Now, I bring all this up for a reason, so bare with me…

Last Thursday…The ES 5 Minute Complete Strategy gave us a SHORT entry during the first 60 minutes.


The prior days price action bounced 100% (Wednesday) during the late day session and we begin to see a potential M pattern and neckline break.

With the simple moving averages declining and price action closing below the open, we got a SHORT entry.

Additional weight-of-evidence coming from following the simple principles of trending price action and lower highs and lower lows overnight and from our Market Cycle Guide.

hints and tipsSetup from the ES 5 Minute Complete Strategy and price action breaking below the neckline in pre-market gave us a strong weight-of-evidence to focus on Shorting.

After the first setup and profit-taking, if you continued to use the Market Cycle analysis and flag pattern setup in the mini market cycle phase 4, you would have continued to pick up more profits of at least 4+ points.


The initial setup happen very FAST…profit target of 2+ points was hit.

hints and tipsNow because of the consistency of the Market Cycle Analysis Phase 4…Lower Highs and Lower Lows

You can increase your position size here and increase your profits…every time!

The second Market Cycle analysis and flag pattern happen shortly afterwards.

So the ability to consistently go for 2+ points will present the opportunities to increase your position size and still go for 2+ points and ultimately….increase your profits!

So a lot of my trades are for 2+ points….but with multiple contracts!

Now….with the consistent ES 5 Minute Complete Strategy….you can easily and consistently…make 2+ points and more profits than you THINK!


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