[alert color=”grey”] Intraday Support : 126.60, 126.00, 125.60                                                                      Intraday Resistance:127.28, 128.00, 128.75 [/alert]

EURJPY Forecast – Daily Chart Technical Analysiseurjpy forecast daily 29-3-2016

The EURJPY is attempting to break above the latest main swing high and resistance level around 127.28. The short term trend is up as the EURJPY managed to establish a series of higher lows and higher highs.

A breakout  with stability above 127.28 will probably signal the continuation of the ongoing bullish pullback.

[alert color=”white”] EURJPY Forecast for today: Monitoring the price around 127.27. If we break higher look for more upside towards 129.50.[/alert]


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