This commentary will focus on the first 60-90 minutes after the Opening Bell. However, our strategies can and will provide setups the entire trading day.

The Easiest Way To prepare for Scalp Trading the ES E-Mini Futures.

Pre-Market Analysis:

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So we watched our ES 5 Minute Complete rules and Market Cycle Analysis conditions for evidence of setups from Candlestick analysis, chart formations and patterns and price action.

Overnight price action continued to build momentum from the intra day price action and the late day session. During after-hours, price action continued to remain in the upper 1/3rd of the prior day’s range and slightly above the 20MA. The 20MA continued to converge upwards away from the 200MA on multiple time frames, and with price action at all-time highs, it found some minor resistance and crossed back below the 20MA and the prior day’s highs heading into the pre-market and opening bell.

With the confirmation of mini market cycle phase 2, we are watching price action to see if it continues lower and crosses below multiple swing pivot lows.

Economic News:

Pre-market Economic news and reports…

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Every Day we use the following Scalp Trading Strategies…



After the opening bell, price action moved slightly moved higher after a 3-bar candlestick reversal pattern. We waited for confirmation and took an aggressive LONG entry. The markets stalled and we closed the trade with a small loss of 0.5+ points.  

Immediately after that, all the weight of evidence continued to point to strong momentum and we took several more LONG setups and easily captured a minimum of 1.0+ points profit in each trade.

Duration: 5+ minutes

For ultra-aggressive traders, during the first-hour session, there were maybe 4 aggressive entries that could lead to quick small profits.

For traders focused on higher quality trading, there was 2 good candlestick or chart pattern setups for quick profits.

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Extra Trades:


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