Normally, this commentary will focus on the first 60-90 minutes after the Opening Bell. However, our strategies can and will provide setups the entire trading day.

Today, was not available to review the pre-markets and morning session for possible setups.

The luxury and life of full-time trading!

Extra Trades:

Using the Market Cycle strategies with price action below the opening bell, we took an aggressive SHORT. Manage the trade on 5-minute chart with a trailing prior bar stop and took 5+ points profit. Could have mico-managed the trade for more!

Using the ES 5 Minute Complete Strategy, price action closed below the prior day’s low and we took another SHORT. Using a simple trailing stop, we first moved stop to breakeven, (i.e., FREE trade) then we locked in and got stopped with 2+ points profit. Micro-manage the trade for more!