Step #1

Select a Day to review…from the Quick Hits Summary


Learn all the shortcuts and details for how we take every trade...with precision!


Thursday January 14 2021

Watch the FIRST HOUR Video Recording from the LIVE Trading Room...including the Pre-Market Overview.Every Day we use the following Scalp Trading Strategies... Mini Market Cycles...

Wednesday January 13 2021

Tuesday January 12 2021

Monday January 11 2021

Thursday January 7 2021

Wednesday January 6 2021

Tuesday January 5 2021

Monday January 4 2021

Thursday December 10 2020



Step #2

Start by reviewing the Pre-Market Snapshot to see any important chart analysis pattern and exactly where price action was before the Opening Bell


Step #3

Review the snapshot of the first 60-90 minutes and the setups we pointed out in real-time during the Inner Circle LIVE Trading Room…then read the short summary

Step #4

Finally, review the snapshot of the entire trading day and a summary of the setup opportunities that easily would lead to 1 to 2.0+ points profit and a minimum of $400+ QUICK PROFITS scalp trading just (1) contract.