Reschedule / Cancel Your Session

You can cancel and reschedule directly on the Cancel/reschedule page based on the cancellation and reschedule policies set by Trading EveryDay.

When you registered for the LIVE Trading Room or any of our online LIVE Events or Coaching Sessions, you automatically received a scheduling confirmation email in your email inbox.

To cancel or reschedule, you simply click the Cancel/Reschedule link in the scheduling confirmation email or calendar event.

This will take you to the online calendar where the Booking was previously made.

On the Cancel/reschedule page, you have the option to keep the original time, reschedule, or cancel a single booking, one or more sessions in a package, or booking requests (See Figure below).

Cancel/reschedule a booking

To cancel or reschedule, you simply clicks Cancel or Reschedule on the Cancel/reschedule page.

If you need assistance, please contact Trading EveryDay Support via the LIVE Chat on the website.