Are you smart enough as an aspiring scalp trader…
to solve this puzzle?

What should you learn to make consistent profits?


Now that you think you know what it is you should learn to make consistent profits…

You probably took your tools and tactics and started paper trading them…in sim mode!

How’s that working for you? You just wasted more time…right?


How long did it take for you to start over and try a different approach? Start looking and downloading more FREE crap?

If you have a small brokerage account, then probably 1 or 2 mistakes will cause you to have to stop trading and find more money to fund your account.

How many time are you willing to start over…before you give up and quit?

What if you could get a set of instructions and proof that show you the answer to the puzzle, are you smart enough and disciplined enough to follow the instructions? 

Are you sabotaging your chances of making it as a consistently profitable trader?

Be honest!

How many years have you been trying to figure this out?

So let’s give you a hint at what you actually should learn to make consistent profits…and not drive yourself “cray-cray” trying everything you can find.

More than anything you can focus on, your trading success…

is tied to how disciplined you are, and your habits!

If you are focused on Scalp Trading Stocks and Options, in the beginning, you have to spend too much time trying to find “scanning criteria” to help you discover stocks that have enough momentum that you can make profits when they move.

If you are focused on Scalp Trading FOREX currencies, you need a HUGE ACCOUNT to make good profits, and you constantly have to keep changing pairs for the momentum – because they are all tied to different countries economies.

This is why you should start with E-mini Futures and make fewer mistakes, have less “trial and errors”, and have a better chance at having more winning trades than losing trades.


Because the Emini Futures moves enough so that you can get a good amount of winning trades greater than your losing trades.

Only the smartest aspiring traders figure it out…is that you?

You only need 1 winning strategy to consistently make $500 – $1,000+ profit…every week!


You only need a small set of instructions that you can follow every day.

And you do not need any technical indicators…

to make consistent profits…every week!


All you need is Price Action and Candlestick Analysis and Market Cycle Analysis.

Now one of these is the real deal…and makes consistent profits…weekly…

and I run as an automated strategy every day!

Do You Really Want To Learn…