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Are Markets Really Predicting a Recession?

Investors in the U.S. have to address one really big question: Will there be a recession soon? If so, sell stocks, sell corporate bonds,...

Investors Brace for a Financial Crisis Repeat

This story first appeared on WSJ City: Fast, fact-packed updates on financial news impacting London. Made for mobile. Download and read for free.  Heavyweight investors and economists...

Forex Market, ‘Mad as a Bag of Ferrets,’ Flexes Its Muscles

The stock market is the big-man-on-campus of the capital markets. Stocks get all the attention. Stocks get all the hype. Even if the futures market...

One Thing Not Driving the 2016 Selloff? Valuations

For months, strategists warned that high valuations in the U.S. could leave stocks vulnerable to a correction. But valuations seemed to have had little...

A Few Worrying Numbers From the Bond Market

U.S. stocks, commodities and corporate debt are rallying Tuesday, but ratings firms are reminding investors there are some troubling trends in the bond market:...