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What the Heck Just Happened: Our Guide to the Market Rout

Markets fell around the globe Thursday in a broad selloff that started in Hong Kong and extended through U.S. trading. We’ve been here before...

How Low Can Rates Go? Try Negative 4.5%

The Bank of Japan was not the first to introduce negative interest rates, but its move seems to have kicked the door wide open...

Bond Trading Is Still Stuck In Slow-Motion

So much for the idea of a rate hike improving bond trading volumes.The average daily bond trading volume in January was 2.7% lower than...

U.S. Stocks Fight to a Draw, Look to Yellen Testimony

Welcome to Evening MoneyBeat, WSJ’s closing-bell roundup of all the news and developments in the capital markets. To receive this newsletter, click here: http://on.wsj.com/MoneyBeatEveningSignupHOW WE...

The Yield Curve Inverted!

A small part of the yield curve inverted Tuesday.Indicative bid yields on one-year Treasurys briefly dipped below yields on six-month Treasurys, reversing the customary...

Market Tumble Pushes Investors to a Tried-and-True Strategy

As stocks tumbled last month, investors took solace in a trade that’s performed admirably over the last three decades: buying Treasurys.Investors put $2 billion into funds...

A Few Worrying Numbers From the Bond Market

U.S. stocks, commodities and corporate debt are rallying Tuesday, but ratings firms are reminding investors there are some troubling trends in the bond market:...
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