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Not Even a Wave of Oil Bankruptcies Will Shrink Crude Production

More than one-third of oil and natural-gas producers around the world are at risk of declaring bankruptcy this year, according to a new report...

Today’s 12% Pop In Oil Changes Nothing

The oil market may look crazy, but, really just take a deep breath, keep calm and carry on.Oil’s sharp rise of 12% so far...

What the Heck Just Happened: Our Guide to the Market Rout

Markets fell around the globe Thursday in a broad selloff that started in Hong Kong and extended through U.S. trading. We’ve been here before...

U.S. Stocks Fight to a Draw, Look to Yellen Testimony

Welcome to Evening MoneyBeat, WSJ’s closing-bell roundup of all the news and developments in the capital markets. To receive this newsletter, click here: http://on.wsj.com/MoneyBeatEveningSignupHOW WE...

As Stocks Fall, Utilities Are Having Their Time in the Sun

Utility shares are rallying this year, underscoring the pessimism in the broader market.Utilities in the S&P 500 have advanced 7.5% so far in 2016....

How Did Wall Street Miss the Mark on Oil?

For the most part, oil market analysts at major Wall Street banks were slow to recognize the collapse in oil prices over the last...
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