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3 Forces Behind Overtrading and How to Control Them

Overtrading is dangerous.  It increases the exposure of your account to downturns, leaves you open to trades you haven’t thought through, and greatly increases...

4 Single Stop Loss Approaches for Managing Trading Risk

Meeting your trading goals is often as easy as managing your trading risk.  The use of different stop loss strategies will help maximize your...

Volume Interpretation

Interpreting volume depends upon the kind of trader you are and what kind of returns you wish to generate.  Day trading and swing trading...

Significance of a Trend Line

Much of what we know about technical analysis and its ability to predict prices is relatively new.  The study of technical analysis on the...

Significance of Divergence

Profitable traders know the significance of divergence; its significance is usually noted by the large movements that come after a true divergence in price...

4 Powerful Pivot Point Strategies

http://youtu.be/vZ_F_zBfFYg?list=UUh8nPAZO6Th-zmqoUVXhyUQ Pivot points used to be a favorite on Wall Street, but like other technical indicators, pivot points are time consuming to calculate.  Thanks to...