Trade Room – Rules and Etiquette

Trade Room – Rules and Etiquette

We provide an online 24/7 calendar for Inner Circle participants to schedule attending sessions.

Cancellation Policies and Rescheduling Policies are provided for each calendar event.

All fees associated with cancellations and rescheduling are due at the time of the request for changes.

Any members who violate or abuse the use of the online calendar will be banned from future attendance in the Inner Circle LIVE Trading Room and all Trading EveryDay events.

These rules have been put in place to ensure that the Inner Circle LIVE Trading Room is a useful and friendly resource for all participating members.

Please read the following rules carefully.  If you have any questions about what is appropriate, or if you would like to report any behavior that breaches these rules, please contact us.

Remember… This is a Zero Tolerance Policy!

  • Racial or abusive comments will not be tolerated
  • Be polite and respectful of other members’ questions, comments or ideas, and be receptive to discussing these
  • If you have a trade idea that is not one of the strategies, Price Action rules, Candlestick Analysis setups or Market Cycle setups you must acknowledge or post your entry prior to talking about your target or alerting the room to it reaching the target.  A warning will be provided if you break this rule
  • Try to stay on the topic of ES Emini Futures during the key trading hours; keep to discussions of potential trades and general market news
  • There is to be no soliciting within the Inner Circle LIVE Trading Room; you are allowed to discuss trading platforms, brokerage companies etc. but you will receive a warning if becomes akin to soliciting. If continued, you will be banned from the trading room
  • Ownership of and responsibility of the comments made in the Inner Circle LIVE Trading Room remains with those who speak or type the comments. Trading EveryDay is not responsible for the statements of those who make comments in the Inner Circle Live Trading Room
  • The moderator in the Inner Circle LIVE Trading Room is not a financial advisor; every trade idea is for educational purposes.  Please read our disclaimer for further details.

Anyone violating the Trading EveryDay LIVE Trading Room rules will receive only one warning and if the violation is extreme, the member will immediately be banned.

Repeat violations of the rules will result in the member being completely banned from the room.

Significant abuses that will lead to a ban include but are not limited to spamming, harassment of other users, and the use of sexually demeaning or racist language.

Trading EveryDay.