This commentary will focus on the first 60-90 minutes after the Opening Bell. However, our strategies can and will provide setups the entire trading day.

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Pre-Market Analysis:

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Economic News:

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So we watched our ES 5 Minute Complete rules and Market Cycle Analysis conditions for evidence of setups from Candlestick analysis, chart formations and patterns and price action.

Using 1-minute charts, with price action already above the prior day’s high, we waited for the first 1-minute bar to close above the opening bell and took an aggressive LONG trade.  With a relatively tight initial stop, price action did not show any good follow thru and we go stopped out. Micro-managing the trade, we took 1.5+ points loss.


Duration: 13+ minutes

Extra Trades:

With price action rolling over and a lower high below the opening bell, we waited for the flag pattern break down and retest. We took a SHORT, with our stop above the high of the flag pattern. Price action went immediately in our favor and we micro-managed the trade for 4+ points profit.


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