Every Day we use the following Scalp Trading Strategies…


Top-down approach starting with using the 30-minute charts. After-hours and overnight price action rallied in a strong mini market cycle phase 2 uptrend with a series of higher highs and higher lows as price action crossed above the 20MA heading into pre-market and the opening bell.     

During pre-market, price action consolidated inside an extended triangle pattern on the 30-minute chart heading into the opening bell.

The 20MA continued to be aggressively above the 200MA heading into the opening bell.  

Pre-market momentum was slightly bullish. After the opening bell, price action found minor resistance and moved lower below the opening bell with a series of lower highs and lower lows so we took an ultra-aggressive SHORT based on flag pattern breakdown and we captured 2.0+ points.

Mini Market Cycles Analysis

Normally we go for at least $400 profit with 1 contract and more profits with 2+ contracts each day and adapt or adjust based on the intraday market conditions to make it easier for pursuing our Daily trading goals.

Why is $400+ the magic number every day?

Because with discipline and focus every day, you compound your profits and start making $2,000+ every week or $100,000 after 50+ weeks. So every day…follow us and start your journey towards making $400+ every day.