This commentary will focus on the first 60-90 minutes after the Opening Bell. However, our strategies can and will provide setups the entire trading day.

The Easiest Way To prepare for Scalp Trading the ES E-Mini Futures.

Pre-Market Analysis:

LIVE Detail Chart Analysis and Reviews provided in ES LIVE with digital video and audio.

So we watched our ES 5 Minute Complete rules and Market Cycle Analysis conditions for evidence of setups from Candlestick analysis, chart formations and patterns and price action.

Price action consolidated in a multiple day choppy range and continued in after-hours and overnight. Momentum tested the lower boundaries of the multiple day range and found minor support and retraced back above the 20MA heading into the pre-market and opening bell. The 20MA retraced with price action and started to converge back towards the 200MA.

Economic News:

Pre-market Economic news and reports…

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Every Day we use the following Scalp Trading Strategies…



After the opening bell, price action initially went up and immediately reversed on the 1-minute charts and closed below the opening bell. After forming an M-pattern, we patiently waited for confirmation of follow thru near new intraday lows and we took multiple ultra-aggressive entries SHORT and price action went in our favor each time and we captured 2.0+ point each.

Mini Market Cycles Analysis: