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If you’re really serious about trading and “learning to trade” for a living you will read this blog post completely and then read it again.

At this point, I am pretty confident I know where you are with your thinking! You want to move forward in your trading…instead of sitting frozen like a deer in an oncoming car’s headlights.

You read the newspaper…doom and gloom. You read the news on the internet…doom and gloom.

You watch the idiot box (TV)…doom and gloom.

So everywhere you turn today, you are seeing others refusing to accept the blame for their actions and what they did…pointing fingers, and demanding rescue!

Are you demanding rescue also with your desire to be a trader?
You only have to watch the financial news on CNBC for a few minutes to see executives, politicians, bankers, auto manufactures, and agencies
all pointing fingers at each other.

Are you pointing your finger at some one for your trading failures. Well, for years I did that also…pointing my finger at everything or everyone else
except me!

Then finally, after being restless from more BAD trades I decided with conviction that…

I would not learn to trade until I admitted to myself I did not know how to trade!

Are you searching for answer when no one is looking over your shoulder?

Are you posturing for others that you are a trader, and then in private asking yourself what the “HELL” did you do to lose even more money in
CLEARLY a downtrending market.

Then the net result of where you are is…..just like most professional traders who make it…you are startled by the events and potential crisis so you….FREEZE
like a deer in the headlights.

The difference is that the professional traders who make it…SHAKE it off and keep moving. They keep persistently hammering away at the basics of trading.
Traders who six months ago were working hard at constantly “learning to trade”either or looking back and saying “WOW, I still have my trading capital.” or they
or smiling and riding the rollercoaster…going CA-CHING!

Either way they can feel good!

See you can do a “hell-of-a-lot” better with your trading if you were prepared and had been practicing with small position sizes. If you took your trading education seriously.

Your mood has changed and you are subconsciously being affected by the negative news everywhere.

Here’s the thing….most of what you can do right now has absolutely no effect on the outcome of the larger world economy.So why worry about it!

You can help yourself the most by not focusing on the negative – instead focusing on the the light at the end of the tunnel.

You see…whatever you focus on the most is what grows in your life. So if you focus on the problem, it grows, and eventually has a major impact on you.

If you focus on what you really want, PROFITS, FREEDOM, OPPORTUNITY, you move towards it and before you know it, you’re there.

So what should you be doing as an aspiring trader right now?

Focusing on the basics, the proven fundamentals.

The basics are called the basics for a reason…they are the foundation of things that we need to get right first. Candlestick analysis, chart analysis and price action.

Once I moved out of the way of the oncoming headlights…I have focusing on nothing but the basics. Year after Year!!!

Now I enjoy those luxuries that are PRICELESS. You can too, by focusing on the basics, FIRST!

Most professional traders know that their success came from one or two strategies and they master them and stick with them.

So if you have read up to this point, your saying Leroy, I know the basics.

And my response is you know them, but are you using them each and every trade?

Why, because they work…in economic upturns and economic downturns.

Do yourself a favor and sign up for some trading education ASAP, otherwise the headlights will be getting closer!



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